Fire is Life

In my new religion - to be revealed in the fullness of time - we have a saying: Fire is Life. Meaning, life is "to burn". All life is a fire, consuming anything given to it, and dying when the "fire pyramid" breaks down (fuel - heat - oxygen). The very cellular processes that make us up could be described as "fire", since their purpose is to take fuel and "burn" it, converting it to energy. Consider glucose, for example, and the role it plays in our functioning.

By this same logic, of course, fire is alive. I challenge anyone to tell me how fire is NOT alive. It's born, it eats, it reproduces, it dies. 

And to conclude this Friday Philosophy, the answer to the question: What is fire, what is life? Is: An oxidation process.

Think about it: In the vastness of the universe, with matter, energy, gravity, electromagnetism, the nuclear forces, etc, what is life? My answer is: A chemical reaction, an oxidation process.


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