Now I know how the Pilgrims felt....

You've no doubt read by now in the "real" news how Obama suffered a big defeat last night, or how this election is a sign the GOP is on the rise, or how Health Care Reform is now in danger...

Judge them by their words - pay attention who spins things this way. For, while no doubt the Democratic party lost two Governor elections to their Republican opponents, and that can be spun as "good" news, it's not critically important either. Rather, Democrats picked up 2 seats in Congress last night, including the highly contested seat in NY-23 which, get this, had not voted Democratic since 1871. 1871! And yet now, because of the TeaBaggers, they have a newly minted D representing them. Fun fact: North of Pennsylvania (i.e. NY and New England) there are 57 congressional seats, 55 of whom are Democrats.

And so, the Teabaggers were able to force out a moderate GOP rep who probably would have won and replaced her with a Glenn Back Teabaggin acolyte who lost. But they are claiming it as a victory! And maybe it is, from their insane perspective, since news just broke that the NRSC - the National Republican club which backs Republicans in primaries and elections with money and support, will no longer back candidates in primaries. This is an amazing deveolpment and essentially gives the Teabagger (Via the "Club for Growth) a blank check to attack everyone they deem "moderate".

So the purity purges will continue. The next super fun election will be Florida senate race, specifically the Republican primary. Watch to see if the somewhat reasonable Charlie Crist (current Gov of FL) can defeat raging wingnut Marc Rubio. It will be a harbinger.

To wit: Expect more craziness in the short to mid term, with possible long term positive resolution (that is, the GOP has been destroyed, or so reformed that they no longer resemble today's party). 

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