Wrath of an Angry God

Wicked cool map. I've got a thing for maps. This one shows every tornado in the USA over the past 56 years. Two things I conclude: Mountains create tornadoes, and two, mountains prevent tornadoes. Look at you, Appalachian Range, keeping them evil bastards at bay!

However, ironically, the region known as the Bible Belt is just a jam packed with twisters. Like, where's Oklahoma? Scary, and with Global Warming, far more likely and more powerful (more heat in atmosphere creating more and bigger storms).

But hey, here's what known Super Christian Pat Robertson has to say about tornadoes and storms:

“If enough people were praying He would’ve intervened, you could pray, Jesus stilled the storm, you can still storms.”
So you see, Christians of the Bible Belt, you're not praying hard enough, and thus the giant tornadoes of death and destruction.
Pray harder!

Or! Just an alternative theory, but maybe tornadoes are features of weather in this case created by the Rockies, the Gulf of Mexico, and the relatively flat spaces of central USA.  Given that they are only going to increase in size and frequency, be prepared.

Or move. Check out all those liberal areas, suspiciously free of tornadoes.

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