All your flags are false

1937 Berlin, before the War. Hitler won a lot of people over by the booming economy, essentially ending the Great Depression in Germany. He did this of course by focusing most of the industrial sector towards building his war machine. War - it's good for business!
Imagine, if you will, if in the span of a few years, those stupid "Don't Tread on Me" flags started appearing on most streets, businesses, government offices, everywhere. Kinda weird/scary, right?
 At least I hope it would be. But then, if these flags were going up everywhere, maybe most everyone approved. Real America!
Here's a revelation I had as a teen, and it blew my then teenage mind. Your mileage may vary. But hey, say you're American. I am. Now, everytime you see an American flag during the course of your day, replace it with a NAZI flag. Or a Soviet flag. Or a UK flag. Canada. Heck why not Mexico? Replace it with another country and see what you think.

For me, it revealed the hitherto unrecognized fact that there are flags everywhere, and flags are essentially group propaganda. Mythology given form in a waving piece of colored cloth. The colors on this cloth determine what team (country/empire/kingdom) you root for. What is normally background noise because you are so used to them jumps out when it's a different team - like hey! America is way better than the NAZI's dude!

So yeah, look at the German NAZI's going about their average days in Berlin. So many atrocities, so much violence, and yet here they are appearing rather ordinary and normal.

Makes you wonder, I hope.

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