Memes Obliterated

As I've said before, the swastika was widely used as a good luck symbol for thousands of years, prior to the NAZI's.
But due to horrors of the NAZIs, swastikas have been removed from all public use, save the fevered hatreds of Neo-NAZIs, Skinheads, and pissed off teens looking for attention. It's become verboten, like many other NAZI symbols (the Hitler stache, for example).

It's remarkable to consider - in the span of ten years or so, a symbol that was used worldwide for tens of thousands of years was removed from use. Obliterated. A meme created by ancient mankind - the swastika is one of the oldest human symbols, up there with the circle, square, the line, and the triangle - gone in the blink of an eye.

Consider this when looking at our culture, our society, our world. What might seem timeless can be changed in an instant. There's no such thing as permanence.  There's also no such thing as objective meaning.


l.e.s.ter said...

True, true, true. But what do you say to a two-man campaign to bring back the Hitler stache?

Redshirt said...

MJ's already on it: