Where's your Global Warming now?

Snow Demon
Of course, as soon as it gets cold or snows in the Winter, your witty Wingnut will mockingly ask "What happened to Global Warming"? I tell them that Snow Demon is unpredictable and easily offended. And boy has he been offended this Winter!
Portland ME after 30 plus inches in early February.
Skiing to work! Up here in Gondolin it started snowing in early December and hasn't really stopped. Producing scenes like:

Redshirt photos. So yeah, funny story - Global Warming can cause all kinds of different weather conditions, including increased snowfall amounts. Warming temperatures worldwide will cause more extreme variations of weather in different locales, but yes, there could be far more snow in certain areas because of GW. Good luck trying to explain this to Mr. Wingnut. But then, maybe I will. Tomorrow.

Until then, pray with me to the Snow Demon to accept our offerings and mercifully stop sending snow. My back beseeches you!


l.e.s.ter said...

Gorgeous shots. So Northern looking! New York is scheduled for some March snowfall tonight. Hey, Al Gore, how's your "climate change" looking now?

Redshirt said...

It's literally - for real - been snowing for 8 days in a row up here. Nothing major (except for the 2 feet last week), but damn!

Thanks. Snow shots are tough because 1. the lens gets wet and 2. often the autofocus goes to a snowflake.

Any tips?

l.e.s.ter said...

The glare when it's sun on snow is also a bitch. Tips would include a rubber lens hood (cheap) and taking off the autofocus.

As much as I hate a long winter, eight days of snow sounds awesome. It's like you live in a ski lodge.

Redshirt said...

I'm lost without autofocus! Especially for night pictures. It's such a crapshoot whether I'm focusing properly or not. All the guides say set focus to "infinity". I assume that means all the way to one side, but I feel like I'm missing something. Help? Smack me upside the head?

Redshirt said...

Also, 9 days now. I'm expecting 10 tomorrow.

It sucks, for the solar power reasons.

l.e.s.ter said...

Take a look at the top of your lens and you'll see some numbers (feet and meters both most likely)...

If you took a tape measure from the lens to your subject and matched it to the measurement on top of your lens you'd have 100% guaranteed focus. There's also a sideways 8 up there for infinity; if you're trying for a distant peak, set it to that symbol and you should be golden.