Born too soon

Alas! Poor space frog, with dreams of voyages to the stars in his eyes. Not for you, sad frog. Maybe in a hundred or a couple hundred years. Maybe a thousand. Possibly never. Even though you can easily dream of it, even though we could make it happen if we collectively got together and went for it, even though it should have been your destiny from 1969, alas! Not to be for you.

Stuck with probes, hooray.

An example of an internet meme, by the by, in case you don't already know. Here's how to make an internet meme: 1. Find a picture. 2. Type something over it. 3. Spread hither and yon and hope the seed takes in the cybersoil.

But for true, we are limited by our technology, by our collective achievements, to a degree. Consider the so called Ionian School. From here circa 630BCE - 420BCE,
From the Wiki, also from whence I got the map, in Spanish, for some reason. I like it better this way - more exotic. But that's Turkey, y'all, and SCIENCE was basically born right here, during this time period. Mayhaps it was also invented elsewhere, but we have no records. Here, we have a record - the Scientific Inquiry well and truly got started here and continued through humanity, to today. Word up, Delos!

Anyways, they came up with the concept of the atom, yet had ZERO way of observing the atom, due to the general technological level of humanity. Even a supergenius savant could do nothing about it. And thus the mind, the person is limited by when he/she was born. You, me, today, we sit on the brink of a radical redefinition of humanity, and we'll probably miss it.

Born too soon, but aren't we all, always?


Madeline Ashwell said...

I said something similar to my brother last night: "Isn't it sad that we're stuck on this one tiny planet?" He said no.

At least you and the frog understand.

Marc said...

I am always very sad that I am born too soon to leave the planet/solarsystem. I just witnessed the growth of the internet and telephones becoming cordless. how boring is that??

Redshirt said...

It is sad, because we're so close. Hopefully our children/grandchildren will get the chance.

At least in our times, Billionaires can get even richer. Good times!