By the Shores of the Sahara

Many years ago I "came up with" the idea of a way to mitigate global warming and rising sea levels would be to divert the oceans into Earth's great deserts - the Sahara prime among them (Australian deserts too). Also, I would buy real estate along these new ocean shores and become rich as Crassus.

But then the Internet happened and I learned all kinds of people had this idea already. Above is some German's idea, with accompanying magazine shot:
And here's some French guy's idea:
A close up of the new Sea of Tunisia. And not just any French guy, but someone who worked on a little canal called Suez. They were serious!

As am I now. Flood the deserts! Save our coastal cities. And create all kinds of sweet new beachfront property!

But no, really, how can you ever be sure any idea you've ever had has not been had by someone else? Possibly even better? You got to check, right? But how can you ever really know? Never! There's too many people over too much time. In fact, a safer bet is whatever idea you ever have, it's already been had.

But then, who cares?

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