I have obtained a wealth of Wingnut Teabaggin' pictures. If my fancy strikes, I might post many of them, as part of the project all Americans of good faith (not the religious sense) should be engaging in -- pushing back these thugs. These right wing wackos who are essentially a homegrown insurgency. They are dangerous -- in both the physical sense (shootings -- and there's been several already this year), and political sense. These people are a threat to our country.

So know them. They might even be in your families. Push back on incorrect facts -- it probably will not change any minds, but we have to try. For the children, dontchyaknow?


l.e.s.ter said...

"If [this legislation] passes, Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin will leap out of their graves to high-five Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, and then head over to the White House for a fist-bump," says the spokesman. "That's the kind of radical plan that they're pushing down America's throat. It's the fine print that scares us."

Anonymous said...

Repugs never met hyperbole they didn't want to fornicate