Spy pic from ComiCon

Click for big, if you're into over-analyzing a blurry, fuzzy promo shot. Of Lost, Season 6 - my most anticipated TV show ever!

Technically a spoiler, I suppose, but I am as anti-spoiler as anyone, and I'm fine with this. So you should be too!

If you do waste your time looking at this, I report back from the Intertubeyweb: It appears all sorts of dead characters are in this poster - Shannon, Boone, etc. Additionally, the dead characters all appear light, while the living characters - Hurley, Jack, etc - are in dark. Hmmm. Also, and most significant, I think, is Locke in the center, turned away and looking in the opposite direction from everyone else. Also in light. Hmmm.

My speculation for how Lost will end, and it is only speculation: Locke and Jack will become the new avatars of whatever forces currently manifest via Jacob and the Man in Black; Jack will become Jacob, Locke the MIB, and they will remain on the island for a looooong time, until their replacments come.

Cuz that's thing about Black and White, Yin and Yang: No side ever wins. They just fluctuate back and forth, and go on, and on, and on.

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