Crazy McCain Lady

As Jon Stewart wondered last night, does this crazy lady show up at every tea bagging protest? She's the one with her birth certificate in a baggy, or demanding the Government get their hands off her Medicare, or screeching about "Muslins".

It's interesting/important to note: These same freakshows who are now storming town halls are the same freaks who showed up at those hilarious tea bagging rallies, and the same freaks who populated McCain Palin rallies last year (which got heated).

Whatever they're complaining about is not the point - the point is, they can't handle a black man as President. That's it. And he's a Democrat. It's blasphemy, and the South won't have it.

Also, with the latest polling on Birther stats (hint: It's a Southern phenomena), it's ever more clear that the Repuglican party is nothing more than a Southern regional party, who's time is short, given demographic trends.

And when they do finally collapase under their absurdities, I hope I am ready to dance the Yub-Nub.

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