We are all blessed, of course, because we are alive, here, reading this presumably. To be alive is the greatest blessing you could ever conceive of.

And yet, we take most, if not all, blessings for granted, and instead are on the look out for any situation where we feel aggrieved, or cheated, and then moan and wail about these situations, forgetting the blessing that is our very existence.

There are many other blessings that are b
estowed upon us that are also quickly forgotten. I could go on and on in this category, but for the purposes of this post, let us focus on the Blessings of Those Not With Us.

Case in point, in some terrible alternate universe, right now we
could have as President this:

And as Vice President, this:

Do you realize how Blessed we are -- the entire world is -- that we do not?

Let us take a moment to appreciate this.....

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