Lost no more

This is the end - the last Monday on which there is a new Lost episode to come. So, in the spirit of appreciating what you got before it's gone, I'm going full on Lost till the finale this Sunday, and maybe some days after that.

But then that's it! I give up TV soon enough anyways.

Re: The Light, as seen above. This is a shot when Locke moved the island. If you recall, this light came about when the characters were flashing through time, and specifically, when Locke was going down the well to get to the wheel, the light very clearly came up from the well.

The same well/wheel we saw MIB building long, long ago, which was his attempt at getting off the island via the magic light Crazy Momma had shown him, but he could never find on his own.

A similar, but different light flashed when Desmond turned the failsafe key in the hatch at the end of Season 2.

I assume all of these lights were from the same source - The Source, as shown in the last episode.

I also assume this will all be brought home soon enough. Too soon. Alas!

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