Hulk Smashed

I just saw Avengers 2 and liked it, because I am a nerd.

If you are into "normal" movies, I'm not sure why you'd like it.

But then, these movies are now making many billions, collectively.

Did you know Marvel is telling a story spread out over like 20 movies? Something like this has never been attempted in cinema before, and so far it's WILDLY successful.

I think back to my comic book nerd reading past when I had to hope the LaVerdiere's drugstore had Thor #288 on that rickety spinning comic book display hidden over by the magazine rack. And they often didn't.

But now? It's like we've been transported to some reality where comic books are real and everyone lives in a comic book. It's amazing and Strange*

*Dr. Strange the movie coming to theaters June 2018.


Anonymous said...

You should come to Something Sensitive and tell your story. SA has been treating you like shit. said...

I think that Marvel's movies are the best for adult children like I) I love that movies as they are good and positive.