The "Civil" War, cont.

Sadly, despite the resounding Northern victory, the so called "American Civil War" (1860-1865) never really ended, as the cancer that was "The South" was allowed to persist, metastasizing into sharecroppers and Jim Crow laws and the KKK and thousands of lynchings. But then this aggressive Southern disease infected and took over the Republican Party - the very party that engaged their destruction a hundred years earlier. Goldwater, Regan, Nixon, and you have today's insanity, insto-presto in just the past 40 years (LOL I'm old). Legions of monsters, breaking down democracy and society across the country in pious fervor.

Somehow, despite desegregation and women's lib and gay marriage and so on, we've fallen under the sway of the Confederacy Risen, the Republican Party, the Southern Jim Crow culture writ large as "American Culture" and proving to be the doom of not just America, but the world.

What madness is this? And how can Earth escape?


Marmot said...

Understandably, people not in the South always want to blame the South for Republican policies confluent with all that racism and reaction. But it ain't true. GW Bush had >50% of the vote even after the first term, with fans all over this great, ignorant nation. What we have is a wingnut infestation. And it didn't originate in the South, that's just where it was first allowed free rein.

Redshirt said...

Yes but it is Southern culture that is currently ruining America.