Support the Chancellor

Found here: Feinobi

I can't vouch for anything else because I haven't looked, but this is wicked cool. Never forget, as Star Wars teaches us, that Palpatine got elected to office, and took "legal" steps every single way towards his goal of total power. Same with Hitler! He was duly elected to every post on his path to power, and used "Emergency Powers" towards the end game.

Hint: It's always "Emergency Powers" that does the trick. Thus, never trust anyone asking for that power.


Blue Collared Snob said...

Unless that person is Abe Lincoln, always trust Lincoln.

Marmot said...

That's why GW Bush's constant war talk and Commander-in-Chief posturing got me so worried. Shee-it, then there was the whole "support the troops" bit that cast anti-Iraq War folks as traitors.

But somehow everyone forgot all that. Hey! Is that a Kardashian on the teevee!?

Redshirt said...

As the years go by, never forget to count your blessings that W. is gone.

Blue Collared Snob said...

What about Jeb? Now that Christie has finally learned what being a bully will do for your political aspirations.