VOW! Denied

Like the true nerd I am, I forgot my VOW!, and slinked into the local IMAX (really, the only way to watch movies at the theatre anymore) nice and early, and yes, saw the new Star Trek movie.

Non - Spoiler review: It's good, fun, light, breezy. Nothing really makes you think -- which means, this is new Trek, not old Trek. As a natural born trekkie, this might be a problem for me, but I also realized the franchise was all but dead, thanks to the decade long mismanagment of the franchise by the Killer B's. So, I understand why they would reboot everything. And it might work.

So, go see it, but don't expect anything other than a PEW-PEW-PEW action flick with some good humour, which really is not so bad.

Miles and miles and miles better than Nemesis, Insurrection, or any of the TNG based Trek movies, really.

There, Hollywood - YOU WIN!!!

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