When Obama is President....

-- Fox news will morph into a righteous critic of the government, intent on exposing "corruption" and "abuses of power".

-- The rest of the MSM will have far more interest in covering these very same stories.

-- REZKO will become unto WHITEWATER - a running "scandal (really, tell me: What was Whitewater about)" that Repugs demand be investigated by a Special Prosecutor; why? For Justice? Hell no! They will do everything and anything they can to obstruct Obama

-- Remember the phrase "Jack Booted Thugs"? Haven't heard that since about 1/1/01, I reckon. Expect to hear it again.

More as the Muse strikes....

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veralynn said...

looks like you did an excellent job of predicting. I honestly didn't think the repugs would go completely nuts like they have, but we are.