I do drugs. I die. I do drugs again!

Seriously though, I am in thrall to this movie, and I have 3 days left to decide if I make the 3 hour round trip to see it one last time in the theaters (one theater in a hundred square miles, one showing per day only). It's pathetic, I know. But I'm obsessed. What a movie!

My head is crushed.

 Is that a vexation?


Still thinking....

I live 1.5 hours from the nearest megaplex and thus going to a movie is an event - a 3 hour round trip, for crikey's sake!

So believe me when I say Mad Max:Fury Road is like no other film I've seen in at least 20 years, and probably forever. I'm going to see it for the 3rd time this Sunday, rather than seeing the newest Marvel must see, Ant-Man. Which I'll just buy the DVD when it comes out. Excelsior!


Things in the desert

I saw Mad Max: Fury Road last night and gosh was it awesome. Like truly a spectacle, one which actually lingers, as I've been thinking of the movie all day.

For one, it's beautiful.

Two, it's actually got a lot of things to say, with very sparse dialogue. Feminism!

And three? It's a Mad Max movie. I watched The Road Warrior dozens and dozens of time as a lad. To see this kinda sequel is like a dream.

Steeped in Dystopia.

No spoilers, but the movie is not overly graphic or extreme, even though it might seem like it from the ads and previews and material. Yes, there is a lot of violence, but it's so well done and hits all the notes it wants to hit, it's like no movie I can think of in the last 20 years.

Go see it on a big screen before it's too late.


Happy Hanukkah (post dated)!

Ben Grimm wishes you Mazel Tov!

For the record The Thing could only hope to slow down or distract The Hulk. The Thing is quite strong, but nowhere near Hulk levels. Maybe if you had all Fantastic Four you could contain the Hulk for a short period of time, but since they don't exist in the MCU, the question is moot.  Hulk smashes.


Hulk Smashed

I just saw Avengers 2 and liked it, because I am a nerd.

If you are into "normal" movies, I'm not sure why you'd like it.

But then, these movies are now making many billions, collectively.

Did you know Marvel is telling a story spread out over like 20 movies? Something like this has never been attempted in cinema before, and so far it's WILDLY successful.

I think back to my comic book nerd reading past when I had to hope the LaVerdiere's drugstore had Thor #288 on that rickety spinning comic book display hidden over by the magazine rack. And they often didn't.

But now? It's like we've been transported to some reality where comic books are real and everyone lives in a comic book. It's amazing and Strange*

*Dr. Strange the movie coming to theaters June 2018.


Do you even smoke bro?

Read the news pal: Arnold is numero uno, and if Arnold can smoke pot and be successful, so can you!



Bees Knees

If you ever find yourself having to fight a giant, go for his knees. Knees are the weak spots for giants - for everyone, really, but especially for giants.

Fun fact! Here's Andre with noted Washington QB Joe Theisman - who knows about the weakness of knees - and this meeting happened in part because the Washington Football Concern was curious if Andre the giant could play football. He could not - KNEES - but it's an intriguing idea. Imagine that posse as nosetackle!

Also, some hockey team needs to get a sumo goalie.



Understanding and rolling with perspective is a sweet super power.


Repost Apropos

Fans of the blog will note this is a repost. To my shame. But times being what time they are, well, you know how it is. We make due with what we've got.

Dialectic ahoy!


The "Civil" War, cont.

Sadly, despite the resounding Northern victory, the so called "American Civil War" (1860-1865) never really ended, as the cancer that was "The South" was allowed to persist, metastasizing into sharecroppers and Jim Crow laws and the KKK and thousands of lynchings. But then this aggressive Southern disease infected and took over the Republican Party - the very party that engaged their destruction a hundred years earlier. Goldwater, Regan, Nixon, and you have today's insanity, insto-presto in just the past 40 years (LOL I'm old). Legions of monsters, breaking down democracy and society across the country in pious fervor.

Somehow, despite desegregation and women's lib and gay marriage and so on, we've fallen under the sway of the Confederacy Risen, the Republican Party, the Southern Jim Crow culture writ large as "American Culture" and proving to be the doom of not just America, but the world.

What madness is this? And how can Earth escape?


LOL America '14

When America burns the world, future dystopian historians will hopefully, one day far, far from now, discover that it was just a small percentage of Americans who managed to destroy the world so thoroughly. 27% in fact. Americans who of course were an exceedingly small percentage of humans worldwide.

But probably not. We're all awash in the doom we bring down upon everyone. Yay!


Vote or Not

Better vote Republican, Grandpa, or else this guy is getting more government handouts.


Godzilla Fan Club

Godzilla was always a champ when it came to the fans. She'd sign anything, and pose for any and every photo - and in Japan of all places!
She also was friends with many of Japan's post WW2 leading ladies.


Real People

Fun fact! Actors are actually real people and not the roles they play in TV and film, though some actors have indeed perfected the art of playing themelves in TV and film.

Also, not pictured, C3-P0.


9/11 lulz

I'm so over 911 I'll make no attempt at commentary. Instead, enjoy these gifs:

Subtle. Tasteful.

And a NSFW... below the fold:


'munk Bombs

Chipmunk on top of the world, surveying you as a source of nuts.
Just checking out the launch. What's up with you?


A question I'm not sure has an answer

Wouldn't a squirrel army be more likely to use old fashioned green, forest camo?

Wait, that's not my question. It's....below the fold....


The circle is complete

A more perfect human awaits. We need only transcend our weaknesses.


1980's Satan Worshipping

Reagan did strange things to people in the 80's.  Satanism suddenly seemed like a valid lifestyle choice, for example.


Redshirt's Lament 1999th Post Gif Spectacular!


1,999 posts. Where has the time gone? So many laughs, and so many gifs. Here's a bunch!
Upper body strength is a must!
Although a gun compensates for upper body strength nicely.
Like maybe a fake beard could too, if you were Riker or Evil Riker.

Regardless, the lesson of the last 6 freaking years is this:
But isn't that always the lesson?


The Future of Space Travel

Since science is boring, and no one is going to make any money in space for at least a hundred years, the future of human space travel is sex. In space. The ultimate in male fantasy.

That'll get the "Dot Com" money flowing.


Weed Trek

That's what Spock was doing when he was staring into his science station blue scope.

And if you get the space munchies
Space burrito.


Working the land

It's hard work, but it's honest work. Tilling the land, bringing forth life, harvesting and sharing in the bounty that is God's Green Earth.

Also, here's a picture of weed from the 70's that someone thought was awesome enough to photograph:
Seeds and stems. Wouldn't fly with today's sophisticated pot smoker.